Table of Contents

Section I - General Principles and Reviews of Graphics

  1. Concepts and Principles of Clinical Data Graphics
    Andreas Krause
  2. Graphics for Exploratory Analysis and Data Discovery in the Life Sciences
    Michael O'Connell, Ian Cook, Difei Luo and Josh Patel
  3. Grables: Visual Displays That Combine the Best Attributes of Graphs and Tables
    Thomas E. Bradstreet
  4. The Use of Figures in Epidemiological Publications: A Survey of Current Practice and Consequent Recommendations
    Elisabeth Wreford Andersen and Stuart J. Pocock

Section II - Early Clinical Development

  1. Use of Graphics for Studies with Small Sample Sizes: A Simulated Case Study of an Early-Phase Asset for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM)
    Denise Shortino, Ann Walker, Andrew Miskell
  2. Exploring Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Data
    Charles Roosen, Richard Pugh and Andrew Nicholls
  3. (Interactive) Graphics for Biomarker Assessment
    Michael Merz
  4. Graphical Displays for Biomarker Data
    Manuela Zucknick, Thomas Hielscher, Martin Sill and Axel Benner

Section III - Clinical Trial Graphics

  1. Statistical Graphics in Clinical Oncology
    Kye Gilder
  2. Efficient and Effective Review of Clinical Trial Data Safety Using Interactive Graphs and Tables
    Harry Southworth
  3. Visualizing Dose-Response when the Signal to Noise Ratio is Low: The Bronchodilatory Response in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
    Michael Looby and Didier Renard
  4. Statistical Graphics in Late-Stage Drug Development
    Julia Wang and Surya Mohanty
  5. Graphical Data Exploration in QT Model Building and Cardiovascular Drug Safety
    Ihab G. Girgis and Surya Mohanty
  6. Data Visualization at the Individual Patient Level
    Matthew Austin and Alicia Zhang
  7. Graphics for Meta-Analysis
    Peter W. Lane, Judith Anzures-Cabrera, Steff Lewis and Jeffrey Tomlinson
  8. Visualization of QT Data for Thorough QT Study Analysis and Review
    Christoffer W. Tornĝe
  9. Graphics for Safety Analysis
    Peter W. Lane and Ohad Amit
  10. Cardiac Safety
    Richard J. Anziano

Section IV - Operations Marketing and Post-Approval

  1. Data Visualization for Clinical Trials Data Management and Operations
    Ted Snyder
  2. Post-Approval Uses of Clinical Data, Phase IV Data, and Sales & Marketing Data Visualizations
    Sam Weerahandi, Birol Emir and Ed Whalen
  3. Using Exploratory Visualization in the Analysis of Medical Product Safety in Observational Healthcare Data
    Patrick Ryan