Andreas Krause, Melvin Olson
The Basics of S-PLUS
Springer-Verlag, New York
3rd Edition, 2002
ISBN 0387954562

From the back cover
This book explains the basics of S-PLUS in a clear style at a level suitable for people with little computing or statistical knowledge. Unlike the S-PLUS manuals, it is not comprehensive, but instead introduces the most important ideas of S-PLUS through the use of many examples. Each chapter also includes a collection of exercises that are accompanied by fully worked-out solutions and detailed comments. The volume is rounded off with practical hints on how efficient work can be performed in S-PLUS. The book is well suited for self-study and as a textbook.

The third edition is based on S-PLUS Version 6 for Windows and Unix and has been completely updated. It covers the underlying S Version 4 and the graphical user interfaces for Windows and Unix. A new section of the details of factor objects has been added, Trellis graphs are used in more depth, and new exercises (and solutions) were written. The book serves equally well as an introduction to the R system, and concludes with a comparison of S-PLUS and R.

Table of Contents
Introduction, Graphical User Interfaces, A First Session, A Second Session, Graphics, Trellis Graphics, Exploring Data, Statistical Modeling, Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Input and Output, S-PLUS Internals, Tips and Tricks, Information Sources On and Around S-PLUS, R, Bibliography

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Previous editions
First edition (1997)
Second edition (2000)
German edition (1997)

Andreas Krause, Novartis Pharma AG, Biostatistics, 4002 Basel, Switzerland
Melvin Olson, Novartis Pharma AG, Biostatistics, 4002 Basel, Switzerland

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