Stories from a Great Country

This is a collection of stories from a great country- the United States of America. Basically, it is a write-up of the things I encountered while staying in the US all through the year 2003. To be precise, me and my wife Michaela lived in Florham Park, New Jersey, from Dec 17, 2002 to the end of 2003.

In essence there are stories that a European person finds noteworthy on being absorbed into the American way of life. Americans might therefore be surprised about what I find interesting and noteworthy, and it might also give them some fresh perspectives of their own lives. I would be very interested in receiving comments from all kinds of people, Americans living in America or abroad, other cultures living in America, or people who have never visited North America and the US at all so far.

Andreas Krause

Happy Holidays
What would Jesus drive?
Riding with Bin Laden
Spelling it out
Blood Drive
Andreas Deutsch
Punxsutawney Phil
What exit?
Accent Reduction
A Ticket for the Jets
Significant Others
Freedom Fries
Darwin Award
Sue me if you can
Dear Jerry
The well tempered environment

Finally, if you end up staying in Northern New Jersey for a while, you might be interested in some New Jersey tips.