Freedom Fries

By the time of writing this, the USA and the UK have started a war against Iraq (against Saddam Hussein is probably more precise, I guess). The war is not backed by the UN - even though some might dispute even that - and it is also not popular everywhere. Basically it was started after the French minister for foreign affairs had announced that France would veto any further UN resolution against Iraq that would possibly lead to a war in the very near future. Russia and Germany were among the other nations not supporting military action.

Well, it's probably needless to say that the US politicians, including President Bush and many congressmen, were not entirely thrilled with this decision. Besides exchange of diplomatic notes, some people in the congress (Capitol Hill in Washington) went a step further by eliminating French attributes from the cafeteria: they renamed French fries to freedom fries - not just anywhere but in the cafeteria of the Capitol in Washington D.C.

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